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Revenue Cycle Management

1. Enrollment and Credentialing A common payer is essential for the physician and the patient to ensure a smooth payment. Therefore, physicians must enroll themselves in the same plan as the patient is enrolled in. DSMAG supports its clients in enrollment and credentialization, with ease and in a time-bound manner…
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Technical Solutions

1.Bookmarking We will provide you with excellent bookmarking, which will steer the reader to quickly track down the focus points within a medical record of interest. This will ensure better time utilization and help you retrieve critical information from an otherwise voluminous document with only a couple of clicks. 2.PDF…
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Medical Records Retrieval

1. Hi-tech Medical Record Request. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, known as the “HITECH Act”, provides an innovative method to obtain medical records at significant cost savings. DSMAG can help you access medical records using the HITECH request, saving you time and effort. 2.Medical Authorization…
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Record Review Services

1. Medical Record Review DSMAG helps you in interpreting medical records with ease. Top notch qualification in health sciences, medical experience and objective assessment competencies enable the experts at DSMAG to efficiently and timely review and analyze medical records. The medical review will be made-to-measure based on your specific needs…
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Medical Record Summaries

1.Short Medical Summaries The most important and time-saving element of a long document is its summary. DSMAG are pioneers in condensing and presenting a redacted, accurate and short medical summary to its clients which helps in informed decision making. 2.Medical Narrative Letter DSMAG prepares a concise running digest of the…
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Employment Records Review

1.Deposition by Written Questions (DWQ) Records. If your case requires data, records, or information from a third party, DSMAG is your best shot to handle the task in a record time, as we will also get the additional requirements done to make it a complete deliverable. 2.Disability Records Review Litigating…
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Medical Opinions Services

1.Special Reports DSMAG can help you chalk out a defined special medical opinion report based on valid reasoning and inferences in a questionnaire format or any other you might require. The special reports are presented along with complimenting references from standard medical literature. 2.Life Expectancy Summaries Life expectancy reports have…
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1.Medical Timeline Our experts help you carve out a crisp and succinct medical timeline by detailing, reviewing, analyzing, listing and summarizing medical events of significance in a patient’s case. 2.Indexing and Chronology Going through hundreds of pages of an individual’s medical records with a fine-tooth comb can be a taxing…
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Billing Summary Services

1. Medical Bill Review and Summary DSMAG helps its clients reduce their claims liability by identifying any error, omission, duplication in billing and inappropriate charges through our medical bill review services. We help compile and make a succinct summary of the hundreds of medical bills generated. 2.Medical Claims Review Clients…
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