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We will provide you with excellent bookmarking, which will steer the reader to quickly track down the focus points within a medical record of interest. This will ensure better time utilization and help you retrieve critical information from an otherwise voluminous document with only a couple of clicks.

PDF Binder (customized)

Scattered documents over a range of folders help no one! Our team can help you make the most sense of your medical or legal documents by binding them into a customized format using a PDF binder.

Bates-stamping/Customized bates stamping

Medical records and legal documents are often Bates-stamped to quickly review and retrieve the specific page of a particular case. It is an old but very efficient way to discuss complex and lengthy cases without having to shuffle through hundreds of pages at a go. We help our clients by bates-stamping their hefty documents, customized to their specific needs.

Hyperlinking medical records

Massive data parked in several documents can be easily organized into efficiently accessible information by diligent organizing and efficient hyperlinking of the reference pages. DSMAG provides such hyperlinking capabilities, enabling a busy client to easily manage the abyss of data and reach the depths of a specific portion of the document to assemble critical information instantly.

Chronological Arrangement/Customized Arrangement of records

Going through records, page after page with close attention can be a daunting task for a busy professional. Our team provides you with a chronological arrangement of records or a customized arrangement of records, as per your need.

Redaction Services (Personalized)

Privacy issues are common in various ranges of medical and legal documents involving sensitive and confidential data. DS-MAG provides world-class redaction services to remove such sensitive information on a client’s request.


DSMAG makes your document more readable and comprehensible by supplying Med-a-Words to your submission, i.e., a medical terminology which appears or pop-ups in your medical summary or deposition when you hover your mouse over the desired term.

OCR searchable medical records

Keeping any form of information up to date is the actual value dictating factor of its relevance. DS-MAG helps you keep your medical records updated and accurate. Working on obsolete and incorrect information in any field can lead to time wastage; but in healthcare this can be disastrous. We can help you keep your data up to date by providing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) searchable records.

Surveillance Summaries

Surveillance data is the most monotonous and long-stretched piece of information in any business. To go through such data, to identify meaningful patterns and associations requires momentous efforts and patience. DSMAG produces crisp and clear summaries of such surveillance data for assisting in making sound decisions.

Medical Provider List

DSMAG curates a medical provider list for its customers, to cater to their allied medical information needs.

Missing Records/Bills

Finding missing records, bills or any other such document can be a tedious task involving going to various offices, calling several people, filling tons of forms, etc., which consumes a lot of time and effort on a professional’s part. DSMAG can procure such missing documents for you in a time-bound manner.


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